Special Projects

As well as making KAPZ Bicycle products for our customers, we are also able to customise and personalise other stuff too!

From stems, hubs, seat posts, seat clamps, axles, bolts and chainrings, we can pretty much engrave anything on your bicycle. In certain circumstances, we can also strip, re-anodise and re-finish an item that has seen better days.

2024 - we are really excited to add a custom ring engraving product/service for our customers too.

We already make AMAZING custom TiTanium DogTags and have been able to transfer our processes seamlessly onto silver and gold too - the results are nothing short of spectacular!

Here is a link to our most recent commission, for Mrs KAPZ lol - for which we received some cool brownie points!

If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please just get in touch!