Boltless Caps

like any precision component, we would urge you to take a moment to read these fitting instructions before fitting

our boltless headset caps are designed to fit any bicycle that has a normal 1 1/8" (32mm) cap and bolt already installed - they are a marvel of design and engineering and fitting will take less than 1 minute

if installed and cared for correctly, our boltless headset caps are bomb proof


if your bicycle has been put together correctly, it is the stem bolts that hold everything safely and securely together NOT the headset cap & bolt - please NEVER torque your headset cap up during installation

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^ here is your old headset cap ^

using an allen/hex key (probably 5mm), undo the bolt and remove your old headset cap and bolt

keep it safe, you will need to use it if you ever need to retighten your headset bearings in the future

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your new Boltless Cap comes in three parts - a retainer, a bolt and the boltless cap

take your shiny new retainer and add the bolt to it - see how delicate it is

add a dab of grease to the bolt and carefully place the retainer and bolt over the hole in your forks

gently turn the bolt a few times with your fingers only

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using a 4mm allen/hex key and only your fingers, tighten up the bolt carefully


it should now sit firmly in place, lined up and the bolt . . . NOT EVEN FINGER TIGHT!!!

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take the cap-insert in your hand and add a tiny dab of grease to the O-Ring at the back

place it over the retainer you have just installed

then align the design so it's facing the right way round on your bicycle

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push the cap-insert into place - it should feel firm and tight, if it's been fitted correctly

SMILE - here is your new boltless headset cap - relax and admire your handy-work

If you are at all unsure, please get in touch with us and we will do our very best to assist you

with the installation of your super new boltless headset cap

REMOVAL - using two finger nails in the little tabs on each side of the retainer - simply pull the cap insert off - easy!

our boltless headset cap was invented by us in 2014 and the design is protected under UK and European Law

Design Number 4036724 at the UK Intellectual Property Office -