Corporate Social Responsibility

As a small business, we have the opportunity to control & influence everything we do, the materials and supplies we use and everyone we choose to work with. We want to be as supportive, caring and as environmentally friendly as we possibly can, reducing our impact on our beautiful planet. 


In 2015, we invested in a Solar Power installation at KAPZ HQ and we are delighted to say that 100% of the electricity that we use is derived from renewable sources . . . the sun :-)

We are also looking to add battery storage to our solar installation as well as some kind of thermal-solar array to heat our water supply more efficiently too.

We now make just two visits per week to the Post Office. Our local Post office is a 22Km round trip completed by car during the winter and by bicycle when the weather is dry! The main reason we use this post office is that they are the most helpful and happy people we know and we love supporting another small businesses.


At the beginning of 2018, we eliminated all-new, single-use plastic from our business - we won't ever introduce any new single-use plastic into the environment during the course of our business.

ALL of our own outgoing packaging is made from either, multi-use, re-useable, recycled, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable materials - envelopes, KAPZ packets, business cards, packaging tape, basically everything we send out to our customers will be the greenest products currently available. 

The only exception to this is the packaging we use for our custom bottles as they are multi-use.

With all incoming packaging, we reuse everything - boxes, packaging, padding, envelopes nothing goes to waste and is used at least twice and we are encouraging our suppliers to follow suit.


Here are our current suppliers of packaging materials and printed media - all the supplies we use are as eco-friendly as we possibly can be right now - we are always on the lookout for better planet-friendly products.


Every KAPZ product is 100% hand-made here in the UK - all materials we use are certified of UK origin, reducing the impact on international shipping and transportation and we are proud to support the UK economy.


Every year, we offer our support to a few good causes. We also offer prizes, sponsorship, gifts and rewards to contribute to some of our customers' endeavours, charitable challenges and amazing journeys, all over the world. 

Please feel free to contact us with your ideas - 


In 2015, we took on the role of foster parents to two beautiful donkeys that had been rescued by The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon (UK) - our personal charity of choice. 

George and Little Lad are now firmly established as part of our family since 2015 and live with us here in Somerset. 

We are responsible for their development, care, health and well-being, we love them a lot and spend as much time as possible in their company. As they are based at KAPZ HQ we see and hear them all the time :-)

You can learn more about them and also follow their progress - - if you are local, you can even come and visit them too (by appointment only) - please bring carrots!


Young cyclists need all the help and support we can muster and KAPZ is proud to be involved with both the Oaklands Cycling Academy and various other young riders.


At the beginning of 2022, when the war in Ukraine broke out, we raced across Europe, rescued 4 Ukrainian refugees, obtained visas and gave them sanctuary in our own home here in Somerset. They have now settled into UK life and have now moved into their own accommodation with the aim of becoming self-sufficient here in the UK. It was the hardest thing me and my wife have ever undertaken, but with the help of our friends and KAPZ customers, we completed the task we set out to achieve, we wish them the best of luck and continue to support them as best we can.