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Fits 99% of modern bicycles that have a cap and a bolt installed.

We make traditional caps in aluminium, titanium, copper, brass and stainless steel too. The cap is 32mm (for 1 1/8" headsets) in diameter and the bolt is an M6 Cap Head Bolt made from aluminium, stainless steel or titanium.


These super-flat, headset caps fit 99% of modern bicycles that have a cap and a bolt installed.

The Cap is aluminium and 32mm (for 1 1/8" headsets) in diameter, just 3mm deep and the bolt is a special M6 bolt made from stainless steel or titanium.


Our amazing boltless (hidden bolt) headset caps have a hidden bolt and will fit any bicycle that has a traditional 32mm (for 1 1/8" headsets) headset cap and bolt fitted. 

Installation and removal is so simple and can installed on your bicycle in under one minute. 

The bolt is hidden underneath the cap, which simply presses securely in place into the retainer, which is first fitted with the bolt. The whole boltless cap is 32mm in diameter and the bolt is an M6 cap head bolt. The retainers are available in either aluminium or stainless steel and the cap inserts are available in both aluminium or titanium.


Our top of the range carbon fibre headset caps fit any bicycle that has a traditional 32mm (1 1/8") headset cap and bolt fitted. 

We can create engraved headset caps with an engraved and colour filled finish, with any design you want on them. The cap is 32mm (for 1 1/8" headsets) in diameter and the bolt is a special M6 bolt made from either stainless steel or titanium.


Designed specifically for some older and BMX bikes. 

The black 1" aluminium caps are 28.6mm in diameter and the bolt is an M6 cap head bolt.


Our giant overdrive headset caps are made from aluminium and are designed to fit the giant OD2 headset system with the lowest profile possible. They also fits some round Canyon headsets that have an M4 x 50mm bolt.

They are 35mm (for 1 1/4" headsets) in diameter and come with a special M6 (or Canyon M4 x 50mm) bolt that is 24mm long and made from either stainless steel or titanium.


KAPZ handlebar end plugs, utilise the most robust fixing design available anywhere on the planet. An all metal construction sees to that.

Our end plugs will fit most road and mtb handlebars, if you can get a 1p or a 1c coin into the ends of your bars - they will fit perfectly.

28mm bar end + an M6 cap head bolt to secure. 


We offer a range of caps, materials and finishes - laser etched, deep laser etched, carved, full colour and engraved - different designs suit different finishes - if you get stuck and need some advice/help - just get in touch and we will do our very best to help you.


On aluminium, all our laser etching comes out crisp, white and cut into the surface of your chosen product.

Laser etching is done on shiny anodised and titanium headset caps. The accuracy and detail will astound you and all our standard caps are laser etched to give a high quality feeling of depth and definition to the end product too.

We can add deep laser etching on certain designs as well.


Deep laser etching is the ideal finish on your product where you want to add depth and an extra dimension to your product. All our etching is precise, detailed, crisp and clear, but deep etching takes the finish to a new level of quality.

Our titanium headset caps, carved headset caps and stealth headset caps come with deep laser etching as standard.


All titanium etching is deep etched and then coloured with either a grey, gold, blue or RAINBOWNIUM (a red/blue mix) effect as standard - you just pick the colour you want for your design. On certain designs, you can also have all 4 colours together too - please ask for details.

We offer TiTanium headset caps in polished silver, gold and black.


Our carved products are ultra deep etchings. Designs with big areas of etching are best suited to this finish. We can advise you, if you are not sure yourself. Chunky text and bold images create the best effects.

A carving leaves a grey finish, deep into the metal - which we can also fill with colour too.


Our full colour caps are filled with bright and vibrant HD colours - any design/any image/any solid colours you want you like. The base caps can be black, white, silver or gold - depending upon the design chosen. In certain circumstances, we can even apply a metallic colour to the design as well.


Engraved headset caps are the ultimate in design, detail and quality. Engraving out the metal of your design will leave a silver finish, which we can then fill with colours of your choice.


Diamond engraving is a traditional process that leaves a really crisp outline of your design on any style of cap you want. The outlines are created in silver and the effect is beautiful, with as much detail as you want.

Particularly great results appear on raw titanium, brass, steel and copper headset caps.


All our stealth products are firstly deep etched with your chosen design and then the final process is anodising. This gives the effect of matt black on all the design elements we have just deep etched, leaving the rest of the cap shiny black.

We can, in some cases, also produce stealth caps in other colours too, where you end up with two shades of the colour you choose. 

^^ YES ^^ we also make all the headset caps for Campagnolo in Italy too.

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