Fitting Instructions

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - If your bicycle has been put together correctly, it is the STEM CLAMP BOLTS that need to be torqued up correctly (they hold everything in place) NOT the bolt in/on your Headset Cap - once correctly built, you can actually safely ride your bicycle without a Headset Cap!

DO NOT EVER USE A TORQUE WRENCH ON A HEADSET CAP - as well as breaking your alloy bolt, you may also, over time, destroy the bearing seats in your head tube. Most bearing seats are glued into the frame and once they have failed - that is the end of your frame.

If in doubt - please contact us or visit your friendly local bike shop, who will be delighted to install everything correctly for you.

Should you ever need to adjust the bearings in your headset - please use your original headset cap and bolt - then replace with your KAPZ & KAPZ BOLT when you have finished.

TOOLS - You will need a straight 4mm or 5mm Allen/Hex Key (not one with a bobble) and for most KAPZ products or for our carbon, lo-pro, GIANT and some titanium products, a T20 TORX key will be needed and some grease.

TRADITIONAL CAP & BAR END INSTALLATION - the matching bolt that comes with your headset cap/bar-ends is made of aluminium, must be greased before installation and is designed to be nipped up gently with a 4mm Allen/Hex Key - NOT EVEN FINGER TIGHT – just enough to hold the headset cap in place.

If our KAPZ bolt is too long for your bicycle - simply cut it with a sharp hacksaw - measure twice/cut once - it's an easy job.

BOLTLESS CAP INSTALLATION - simply remove your existing cap and bolt, install the retainer in its place, add a tiny bit of grease to the bolt and the O'Ring on the back of your new cap insert and to the bolt and lightly nip it up - NOT EVEN FINGER TIGHT as overtightening will damage the retainer – then gently push in the cap-insert into place.

Visual Boltless Cap Installation Instructions can be found here

HEADSET FORK BUNG - remove your old headset bung, carefully insert your new KAPZ bung and install securely using a straight 6mm hex key. Once installed, you can now insert and fix your KAPZ headset cap into your bung :-)

CUSTOM BOTTLES - our custom bottles need just as much care as any normal drinks bottle. They are dishwasher-safe and with reasonable use, should last a good while. As cycling is the only sport that uses a bottle-cage to hold the bottle in place, there may well be some wear on the bottle due to the normal use of a cycling bottle.

If you need assistance - simply get in touch with us and we will be delighted to help you.