If you are reading this page, it's because you were one of those people who, without thought for yourself, offered your generous help and support during March last year to help us rescue the four Ukrainian citizens from the Russian invasion.

I wanted to take this opportunity of saying THANK YOU.

Without your generosity we would not have been able to complete the mission.


With your help, in March 2022, we were able to drop everything and race across Europe to rescue four refugees from the war in Ukraine. 

We kept them safe for 4 weeks in the Netherlands, while we obtained their Visas and then brought them back to the UK, giving them shelter in our own home in Somerset. We kept them safe, away from the devastation in their home country and tried to cater for their every need.

While in our care, we also did our very best to help them in any way we could, we encouraged them and equipped them with the tools they might need to settle into a new life here as quickly and painlessly as possible. Clothes, tech, food, school. communications, friends, educational courses - extra office space for potential job opportunities - every single thing anyone could ever want - apart from peace in Ukraine, unfortunately.

For us, the trip was only meant to last 3 days - here to the Ukraine border, pick them up and drop them in the Netherlands then back home. At the point when I was to come home, I saw fear in their eyes and decided to stay with them in the Netherlands, awaiting visas.

The trip lasted nearly 4 weeks. 4 weeks unplanned away from my family, my home and my business. It was the right thing to do, but it was also a very difficult and stressful time for a multitude of reasons.

Looking back, my wife Samantha and I gave everything we hade to these war-afflicted people - and I really mean EVERYTHING. Our time, our home, our food, our hearts and souls, our love, our savings, our care, all of our resources, our friendship and all of our positivity.

At the beginning of this journey, we knew that the arrangement would not last forever and that at some point they would have to find their own way. After 3 months living with us in our home, our guests decided to make their own way in our country - which was always the intention. We then tried our best to offer support in any way we could as they started their new independent life here in England.

They now seem settled into their new life here in the safety of our wonderful country.

This challenge is the hardest thing we have ever undertaken together. It's took us to the edge. Utterly exhausted we spent the rest of 2022 focusing on each other, on our animals, on our own health and on recovering in our own way, so that we would be ready for whatever life brings us next.

I am so proud of my wife - she is an amazing woman, with the deepest heart of anyone I have ever known and I have no words to express the deep love and respect I feel for her.

Also, without you, none of this would have been possible, it is an amazing achievement and a team effort that you should be exceptionally proud to have been part of - these four human beings would not be here, safe and cared for if it wasn't for you - so, from the bottom of my heart - thank you.

If there is ever anything I can do for you - all you have to do is ask and I will do my very best to get it done.

Kindest Regards . . .

Khush Jabble