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We make everything we sell – bolts, caps, spacers and bar ends – we do not buy-in anything from anywhere.


Traceable materials are used for our products including aluminium, stainless steel, titanium and carbon fibre. We make the best quality products possible using the very latest manufacturing techniques, completed by hand to the highest standards possible.


  • Most of our Headset Caps are 32mm (1 1/8″) in diameter which is the industry standard
  • GIANT Overdrive/Oversized Headset Caps and Round Canyon Caps are 35mm (1 1/4″) in diameter
  • 1″ BMX Style Headset Caps are 28.6mm in diameter
  • Bar Ends Caps are 28mm in diameter
  • KAPZ adapters can be used to place a 32mm (1 1/8″) Headset Cap onto a GIANT OD2 – 38.6mm (1 1/4″) steerer
  • KAPZ standard alloy, stainless steel and titanium bolts are standard cap-head in design, have an M6 thread and are 45mm long with a 4mm hex key in the head
  • The bolts for our GIANT Caps are 24mm long and have a T20 torx head
  • The special bolts for our Carbon, Colnago and Low Pro Caps are 45mm long and have a T20 torx head
  • The Bolts for our Canyon Caps are Stainless Steel, are 50mm long, have an M4 thread and a 3mm hex key in the head


A headset cap + bolt weighs in at under 10g and a handlebar end plug around 20g a side

Boltless Caps

Our amazing boltless caps have the same dimensions as our standard headset caps and actually weigh less too, around 8g only


We are constantly looking for improvements in the design/performance/materials of our products and as such, the quality of our products will continue to develop over time.