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For 2022 we have committed to planting over 578 trees over the next 12 months in the UK with the rewards.earth team.

At KAPZ HQ, we are lucky enough to have a little land. We have planted many trees, shrubs, flowers and bushes – but we are now at maximum capacity – we also share our space with our rescue animals – two donkeys, two Rabbits, three cats and 3 bee-hives full of beautiful honey bees – we just cannot plant any more trees here, so we have had to make additional arrangements to help us achieve our goals.

Rewards.Earth are staffed by Armed Services Veterans who deliver all the planting. They also need a little support during their transition from Army to Civilian life. Planting trees is good for the soul and through their network they also receive support and advice to help them along their way.

I am so impressed with what they are doing, that I am thinking of adding an “add 30p to plant a tree” tick box at the checkout stage of the KAPZ website AND matching all the trees our customers commit to plant over the next 12 months – tree for tree!

30p buys a tree – not a lot really!

Please visit the REWARDS EARTH website and read about the fabulous work they are doing and what you can do to get involved.