The war in Ukraine gifted us a situation where we had the opportunity to help 4 Ukrainian refugees, fleeing the war in Ukraine with nothing but a small carry-on suitcase each, to find a safe, new home in the UK.

UPDATED 9th May 2022

Our last-minute, rescue-road-trip in March 2022, saw us driving across Europe to the border to pick the ladies up and get them to the safe accommodation in the Netherlands, where they stayed for four weeks with friends. At the same time, we also helped them all apply for UK visas which were finally granted last Thursday, after 4 weeks of high stress, drama and waiting.

During this time, we spent 3 unplanned weeks in the Netherlands with the girls as we did not want to leave them alone in a strange place on their own, opting to come home in week 3, whilst also trying my best to work remotely in the Netherlands.

Finally, on the 19th of April 2022, we picked them all up, with VISAS and brought them back to the safety of the UK – where two fo them now live with my wife and I in our own home, here in Somerset.

At the very last moment, the plan changed and the other two ladies have managed to find alternative accommodation in the UK which they said, suited them better in a city location rather than a rural setting, where we are.

Natalia (41) and Sascha (5) now live with us, our cats, our donkeys and rabbits (who will all play a major role in their rehabilitation) ready for a whole new life in a strange new country.

With your help, we are making the best of every single day, trying to divert our minds away from the chaos in Ukraine.

Without you, our KAPZ customers and a successful KAPZ business, we would not be in a position to do what we are doing and would like to convey my sincerest thanks to you all.

Thank you for your support, your loyalty, your generosity, your patience and your understanding.

My business, KAPZ gives us the opportunity to do what we have been doing – without your help, messages, our business . . . we would not be able to be here helping them – there is so much to do – getting them here was the first and in some ways, the easy part.

I have NEVER done this – I hate people asking for money – earn your own/spend your own has always been my policy – until now . . .

If you would like to contribute and help – a donation of any value would be gratefully appreciated – we are not a charity but you can be sure that all the money goes only towards the expenses we are racking up every day with our new guests who have arrived with NOTHING except hope and optimism.


Barclays Bank Account Name – Mr K Jabble

sort code – 20-13-35

account number – 30767263

IBAN – GB72 BUKB 20133530767263



PayPal Address – [email protected] (friends and family obvs)


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this and support the mission.