Corporate Social Responsibility

As a small business we have the opportunity to totally control & influence everything we do, everything we use and everyone we choose to do business with. We want to be as green as we possibly can, reducing our impact on the environment and we also want to contribute to the overall success of our beautiful country - Great Britain.


In 2015, we invested heavily in a Solar Power installation at KAPZ HQ and we are delighted to say that 100% of the electricity that we use is derived from renewable sources . . . the sun :-)

During 2018/2019 we will be looking to add battery-storage to our solar installation.

We now make two visits per week to the Post Office. Our local Post office is a 22Km round trip completed by car during the winter and by bicycle when the weather is dry!


2018 will see ALL of our own outgoing packaging being made from recycled and biodegradable materials - envelopes, KAPZ packets, business cards, packaging tape, basically everything we send out to our customers will be as green as currently possible and the envelopes will be reusable too. 

The only exception to this is the packaging we use for our custom bottles - we are working on a solution for this product.

With incoming packaging, we reuse everything - boxes, packaging, padding, envelopes nothing goes to waste and is used at least twice.

Production & Materials

Every KAPZ product is 100% made in the UK - all materials we use are also of UK origin, reducing the impact on international shipping and transportation and we are proud to support the UK economy.