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4000 Trees . . . a task and a half – we will nail it!!

Working closely with the team at Rewards.Earth we have committed to funding a minimum of 4000 trees to be planted throughout 2022.

This year, our trees will be planted in the reforestation project that is currently underway in Madagascar.

With the help of our KAPZ customers, we could easily double this number through our forthcoming “add 30p to plant a tree” checkout campaign that will be live soon.

We understand that not everyone has the time/space/energy to plant trees and make a positive contribution to the beautiful planet that we all live and enjoy cycling upon – so our intention is to make it really easy to participate and make a collective difference.

Why not sign up with Rewards.Earth – for just £4 a month – you can plant 144 trees a year and offset 44 tonnes of C02!

Thank you for listening . . .

Khush KAPZ’GURU Jabble